New Technologies for Ascension Now Available

I read a message channeled by telepath Lauren C Gorgo that spoke of new advanced technologies for Ascension that are soon to be available on Earth. What this new advanced technology is and how we access it is the subject of this article. But first, an excerpt of Lauren’s channeling describing the new technology in the form of a puzzle or riddle (presumably for people to try to figure out) is included below.

“The Unseens would like to give us a quick heads up that there are new and advanced technologies that are soon to infiltrate the Earth plane, compliments of the technically-yet-to-be-discovered God particle. Apparently, something is about to burst forth and crack the entire foundation of human understanding as it exists within the 3D paradigm and from what I’m hearing, this will not bode well for many organized religions. I could be wrong, but the feeling I am getting is that whatever this is will be much more impacting than the realization that Mary Magdalene was not a whore.

“Be forewarned that there will be those who denounce evil these new technologies in fear of religious partisanship. The voices of these collectives will rise to the surface to be heard by all; those who vehemently object are those who reject any advancement that threaten their understanding of God. These upheavals are to be expected but we assure you that those in favor of new technologies will far surpass the furious few.”–Lauren C Gorgo, Telepath, June 23, 2011

Firstly, I need to inform readers that by new technologies, the Unseens don’t mean new computer display systems or a new social media platform–although advancements in such areas will continue to be made. What they’re referring to are new internal technologies that activate one’s connection to one’s higher self and to “God.”

But why do the Unseens talk to us in such puzzles? I can assure you they don’t talk in puzzles because they’re being mean or deceptive or trying to be funny. It’s because figuring out the puzzle of your life (and of human life) is actually one of the “tasks” you signed up for on your path of Ascension. They’re simply helping you fulfill your life plan (the one your higher self set up for you to experience before you incarnated in this lifetime).

Let me put it another way: You wanted this experience. Having to figure out a puzzle puts you in a contemplative and open mode, thereby helping you activate your connection to your creative self–your higher self–which is the whole point.

Let’s examine the channeled message a bit further. So what is this technically-yet-to-be-discovered God particle? Of course it is your higher self, your soul. Your soul is also known as a fragment of God, a spark of God, a God-spark. And the new technologies are the “inner technologies” that are available to you when you reconnect to and integrate with your higher self, inner technologies such as new insights, telepathy and inner guidance that help you be at the right place at the right time every time all the time–if only you would recognize this aspect within you and follow through.

Of course religions don’t want you to have a direct connection with God, with the Universe, as you would no longer be dependent upon them for answers and what would they do then? It is also interesting that the Unseens bring up Mary Magdalene, as the soul who played the role of Mary Magdalene has an important role to play right now in the unfolding of these technologies. (By the way, Mary Magdalene was not a whore; she was Jesus Christ’s twin soul, and mentor.)

Continuing on, when you cultivate this direct connection with God, over time you will access a deeper-level understanding of your experience and purpose on this planet and it will crack the entire foundation of what you have been conditioned to believe by religions and other social institutions.

Did religions ever teach a direct connection to God? Are they doing this now? (I certainly have not seen it.) If you had a direct connection to God through your inner being, what for would you need religion? They (the religious hierarchy) would have to find something else to do.

By the way, some Christians have explained to me that teaching how to get into a direct connection with God is evil and is a sign of Lucifer. Yet most Christians are completely misguided about which Archangel Jesus originates from! (And…isn’t direct connection to God what Jesus taught?)

Are New Technologies Changing Teaching?

I was a very interested spectator when my daughter started school recently and I how much things had moved on since I was a student. Whatever the difference between schooling from my parents age and when I was young has been doubled now for when my daughter is in class. This change has been brought about due to the rapid rise of new technologies that have been rapidly adopted by schools in both the private and public sector.

Some things which are different is in the way that things are taught, but another huge difference is in the technology. Rather than traditional textbooks and teachers writing on whiteboards or even blackboards, we have presentations and things being brought to life on interactive whiteboards and tablet computers.

The interactive whiteboard has been around for a number of years now, as has the iPad and other tablets; it is only just recently that educators are beginning to adapt their teaching to make effective use of them though. In order for these new technologies to be effective in the classroom, what is necessary and what benefits can they bring?

The teacher needs to understand how to use the technology and be confident in its application. For example, if the teacher starts doing something on an interactive whiteboard and then gives up because they don’t know how it works then the students will switch off.
The power of these technologies lies in enabling different learning styles to be catered for. Students can learn writing by touch on the iPads. Sound and pictures can be used on interactive whiteboards to appeal to visual learners or auditory learners. The teacher needs to recognize and embrace this capacity.
It’s necessary for the teacher to appreciate new ways of doing things rather than just thinking in the same old way, but with a fancy piece of kit. When notes are made on the interactive whiteboard for example, the teacher then has the capacity to email them to students later or save them and bring them back up in a review lesson later on.
In times of budgetary cuts, having access to resources on the world wide web and low-cost apps for tablet computers can help cut costs and do away with the need for some textbooks, excessive printing and overpriced software for schools.
The technologies and use of them in teaching is still very young, this means it is important for users to share experiences and ideas with other teachers of using the technologies. This will help lift the overall level and confidence of the users and improve the range of effective ways with which lessons can be delivered with this new tech.

Technology in schools is pointless just for the sake of saying you have it. It needs to benefit the learning experience of students and also be something that gives the teachers new tools and ideas for getting their message across effectively. It needs to be embraced and its potential explored. When this is the case the technology becomes more than just a gimmick and becomes a real step forward in education.

Implementing New Technology at Your Site

My primary care physician, the last time I was in for a checkup, had not adopted ePrescribing or started using an electronic health record (EHR). My understanding is that the medical group to which he belongs had not rolled out these capabilities to him yet but was planning to do so. Hopefully, this summer when I see him again he will be plugged into the electronic health record that the group is adopting. Although he may not be happy about having to adapt to this new way of working, I will be happy because it provides another layer of safety for me as a patient. For instance, the risks of miscommunication between my doctor and my pharmacy will be greatly reduced. From my experience as a quality and productivity expert, I know that there will be many benefits for his practice group. As the American Medical Association has shown in a white paper my physician may not be spending much less time handling prescriptions, but his office staff surely will. Overall, there will be a significant gain in productivity and safety for the office.

After examining this example of the adoption of technology at my physician’s office group I recognize several challenges that the group faces, many of which are common to any enterprise adopting new technology faces, including not just healthcare providers but also small businesses and nonprofit organizations:

· Will the new technology increase productivity?

· Will there be a positive return on investment?

· Will the new technology improve patient safety?

· If the technology is adopted, how should it be rolled out or implemented?

These challenges and questions should not be faced by just one person. Rather, a team with effective leadership should undertake the responsibility. The team should use a formal problem solving approach such as Plan-Do-Check-Act to insure success. One of the first things that the team should do is determine why the technology should be adopted. That is, it should clearly state the goals for the adoption. Perhaps the technology is mandated by an accrediting body or government body. This is the case for ePrescribing as CMS has mandated its adoption by the beginning of this year or physicians will be penalized. Another example is the case of my auto mechanic, Arie Nol Auto Center; his business is adopting new technological tools so that he can repair newer autoes that have many complex computer-based electronic components, thus remaining competitive.

The technology should not be adopted if a good case cannot be made for doing so. This is the approach of Toyota Motor Systems, which first maximizes the effectiveness of any of its manufacturing processes that use human labor before adopting any robotic machinery on the floor. Using this approach it has stayed atop of quality when compared to other auto manufacturers. This year Consumers Reports placed Toyota first in 6 or 10 of categories of autoes.

If a team decides to adopt a piece of technology or software it should next set up a detailed plan for adoption. One of the elements of the plan is the identification of measures of success. In the opening illustration I identified two measures: will the technology increase productivity and will it increase patient safety? The AMA stated that it would but each site should go beyond the research reports and measure its own success in implementation. Another measure that a team may want to examine is patient or customer satisfaction. Physicians implementing an EHR should see how it affects patient satisfaction.

Next the team should create a detailed plan for implementing the technology. The plan should include collecting baseline data for the measures of success that it has identified, a detailed listing of steps in the implementation and the identification of a leader of the implementation. For larger businesses or medical groups the steps of implementation should focus on first having a limited rollout of the technology to a group that is eager to try it; this way, if the rollout cannot reach the goals that it has set the failure will be much less costly. Imagine the cost to a business if it does not experiment first and the supplier of the technology mislead the group on the capacity of the technology!

During the implementation of the technology the leader should continuously collect data on the measures that the team has identified. This way adjustments can be made to the implementation if necessary or the project can be terminated if it can be seen that it will end poorly.

If the implementation goes well, the team should celebrate its success and then plan how it can make better use of the technology that it has adopted while it rolls it out to the rest of the business or site. Most new technology is complex and fully implementing its features takes time. In fact, a business or healthcare provider may never use all of the capabilities of a product. For example, I purchased an iPad2 several months ago and I am still learning about some of it capabilities for my business. I anticipate learning much more so as to increase my own productivity.

Before I close, I would like to mention a couple of sites that review medical apps for physicians, not for patients. One that I recently found and recommend is It reviews apps not just for Apple products but also for Android systems and Blackberry. One feature that I found at this site was that the newest iPad will record dictation and add it to documents. This may be very handy for physicians who do not want to enter data into an EHR during a patient encounter. Apple in its App Store for iPad and iPhone has identified what it considers the top 50 apps for medical professionals. You can find out more about it at

In conclusion, the adoption of new technology can be daunting. However with effective teams and leadership along with good problem solving techniques the adoption and implementation is quite manageable. Identifying goals and measures and creating a detailed plan of adoption will make the process much smoother, especially to those who are being asked to use the new technology.

Important Knowledge in the Internet and New Technology

Working in the Internet or new technology industries (that in many cases go along) demands a lot of efforts and knowledge. In general, when say ‘Internet’ we actually need to precise the exact sub-category we are talking about: website creation and development, website design, social media, e-commerce…

If your career is linked to Web or IT company you need to be aware of everything happening around your company, even not directly impacting it. All topics are related to each other on the web. And success in a job is always equal to your knowledge and experience.

While experience comes with time, you need to work on your knowledge by yourself.

Even if you’re working in a company with a specific product, e.g. website selling mobile phones online, you need to know so much more not directly related to your product and job, like:

• how to be ranked by search engines to come up on the first page of results;
• how to promote your website on social media website;
• what new trends are there is tablet market – almost mobile phone rival;
• how to develop an app for iPhone, Android and Microsoft Mobile for your online shop;
• what e-payment system to choose and why;
• and so on…

On top of that the industry itself is evolving so quickly that we sometimes cannot follow it.

Main topics covered by Internet and Tech magazines
To have an idea of what you need to know to succeed in your career in IT world, let us look at the main topics covered by Techcrunch or Mashable: the biggest website about Internet and technology:

• Social Media: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube
• Mobile and mobile apps: App Store, Google Play; Microsoft Store
• Gadgets and innovations
• Startups
• E-commerce: Amazon, eBay,
• Payment systems: PayPal, Square, Amazon Wallet, Google Wallet
• Dev & Design: HTML5, Use Experience, etc.
• Blogging & Entrepreneurship
• Software
• Storage
• Security

This list could go on by adding more and more new information and new topics once break-through products are launched as they usually change the whole understanding of how we use the web.

What search engines can tell us about Web and High Tech
It is also interesting to see that all these topics are very popular, some more, some less, throughout time. Here is statistics of Google Trends for some search queries from 2004 until present time:

Another interesting finding is related to Google AdWords. After entering only 3 search queries: ‘web’, ‘internet’ and ‘new technology’ – you can get the following keyword suggestions:

• gadgets
• webdesign
• website
• information technology
• computer technology
• innovative technology
• internet games
• mobile internet
• web hosting
• new trends
• IT news

It clearly shows how broad is this topic. Way to go for us to learn them to obtain all necessary information about Internet and new technology.

Additional areas of expertise
In addition to the topics highlighted above, you need to be aware of other important skills to have for your career in IT and Internet, such as:

• Content Management. This area of expertise is related to Website Development, but also Social Media and PR.
• Project Management. The ability to manage projects and motivate teams is essential in the Internet and IT industry as all launching products are in fact new projects inside an organisation. The most difficult part is usually that the teams are spread all over the world.
• Marketing. This is almost equal to Social Media these days – promotion of products through Internet. This area related to understanding of your Customers & Users, ability to attract and keep them.

How new trends in Web and Tech can affect your work
You cannot just specify in one narrow area if you want to succeed and advance in your career. You should always be aware of what is going on in the market, what new products are launching and how it all can affect your work.

Let’s look at how mobile revolution affects our work. As a content manager I’ve faced a necessity to find out more about development of mobile devices as it impacted my work directly. Who would know in the first place? I had to develop skills in accordance with this new global change: going mobile. It meant that I had to adapt my usual content to small screens, come up with shorter terms, be able to send a clear message in just a few lines.

As a designer you’ll need to be able to squeeze the page depending on the device used and be sure it looks nice and professional. As a developer you’ll have to find ways to reduce the page load time.

In case of social media development as a customer service agent you need to know new channels users can use to contact you and be proactive in those channels, like Facebook page.

In order to be successful we need to be proactive and react fast to the changes the Internet and new technology prepare for us. But due to the fact how fast these changes are implemented it may be particularly difficult to foresee them.

It is not that you need to know some specific information about some specific product. You just need to know how the world of web is developing. For example, how was the Wikipedia created, or who is Anonymous and what he is doing. These types of ‘companies’ can affect even some non-online institutions, like governmental affairs. They can also give you some insights on how certain things may be done: for example, the fact that the greatest encyclopedia has been created by people themselves without any material motivators, like salary or worldwide recognition.

And our success in Internet and tech area depends on our knowledge about this market.

It can be compared to financial analysts: any event in the world in general can massively affect stock prices.

Generation of new experts
This being said, once we enter into the world of the Internet and High Technology we need to be prepared and alarmed about what is happening in the industry. It may help us not only be up-to-date with the news, but also excel our competitors by following the innovations first and create new products by ourselves combining our knowledge in different areas.

My Version Of Band-Aid Economics

I am not an economist but more of analytical thinker when it comes to our economy. For many years now we hear the spin doctors and politicians boasting about how our economy is growing, which is correct if that is all one considers. The question is why would this be happening when unemployment is high, a huge deficit, and those working are drowning in debt? The answer for me is what I call Band-Aid economics, here is how it works.

Instead of focusing on the real problem which is inflation, we emphasise how our country’s economy is on an upward swing. Our bank of Canada describes economic growth like this online, “The most common way to measure the economy is real gross domestic product, or real GDP. GDP is the total value of everything – goods and services – produced in our economy. The word “real” means that the total has been adjusted to remove the effects of inflation.” The idea from what I see is that if you paid last week $2.00 for lettuce, the next week it is $2.50, the following one $3.00, it makes the economy look good because as they have said inflation has been removed. The current politicians pitch is vote for me, since elected our economy has grown. Now let’s examine the next factor in Band-Aid economics…

Let’s face it most lower-income and working poor cannot afford higher ticket items upfront like $30,000 for a car. How about for almost nothing down with good credit, anyone could be behind the wheel of a new vehicle right! It helps our countries economic growth, even if the same type of car 20 years ago was less, but now jazzed-up with more technology, and of course insurance rates on a new cars is higher too. Decades ago people saved up, bought their cars for cash, and it was more of a positive economy. The financial killer for people is inflation, if everything costs too much constantly going up, but wages stay the same, deductions at source are unreasonable, consumer taxation is 13 cents/dollar spent, then not many people can save enough in their lifetime to buy a high ticket item like a car. However the GDP is the total value of everything. You buy a car on credit it goes into goods and services produced in our economy.

The reality is if a person is not earning enough they will always be ten cents or more short on the dollar. Families supplement their below standard income through credit cards, lines of credit, and over drafts. The reason is simple inflation doesn’t match incomes. The great news for our government is even if they need to purchase food on credit it boosts the economy. The next time you hear our economy is doing well, maybe look at your own financial affairs, in product costs, and then decide for yourself if our countries economy is really in good place. Welcome to my version of Band-Aid economics 101, where a good economy doesn’t mean citizens are living better, and over many years now even below par levels.

NLP New Technology – The Technology Of Achievement

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – is a new technology of achievement and success. NLP new technology helps enhance effective communication, personal change and personal development. It is a new approach to communication and development. If one wishes to overcome fears, and increase confidence in self, in addition to enriching relationships, and achieving greater success, NLP new technology is the way.

Your internal and external language and the concepts you hold affects the way you think… and this affects the way you behave. The new NLP technology is about action; it is about the way we think and feel. It explores excellence in every occupation and lifestyle. The benefits of using NLP new technology is that you have more choices at work and in your personal life, over the way you act. This enhances your skills and gives a boost to your achievements.

You can normally never control people or events, but your ability at self management can help you respond to them. What helps you in achieving your goals is your ability to manage your self.

Controlling Your Unconscious Mind

Far more than your conscious mind, it is your unconscious mind that can accomplish more, and has a far greater influence. The experts on NLP new technology are aware – consciously – of what they do unconsciously. Once you are aware of your unconscious, through your personal development you are able to realize your true potential.

NLP new technology is not merely a process of discovery, but a process of continuously discovering new ways of thinking. NLP new technology has new techniques that has applications to business, as well as to self. These techniques, when used professionally, not only enable you to influence others in your business, but also helps perfect your self.

NLP And The Manager

It is important as a manager that you master the art of working with other people, working as part of a team. You need to have the capability to influence others and motivate them. This is an essential part of your make up as a manger to achieve corporate goals.

As a manager, through the use of new technology in NLP, you can analyze the intuitional secrets of success of your exceptional employees and subordinates, and use them to train other subordinates. Though the art of NLP new technology comes intuitively to some, it can be mastered with the help of NLP new technology techniques.